Eye Feel

The interaction between humankind and their surroundings as a raison d’être and life essence.

As time-space compression progresses, the barriers between humankind and their surroundings fade away. There’s a growing desire for a reference point, where the inside and outside come together as one.

The eye is the main portal between the world inside and the world outside. The physical and visual mirror of the mankind’s surroundings and the interaction within. An incomparable medium linking form to matter. It recognises and appreciates. It acknowledges.

When the physical spatiality in the eye meets the physical spatiality that surrounds humankind, that’s when a new tactility arises. A perfect opportunity for a tangible presentation of the eye at EYE Film Institute. A spatial hymn to the eye, which will simultaneously raise awareness for Operation Eyesight Universal being used as an exhibitional fundraiser.