The new food & tea experience

I’ve always thought setting the right mood is a key part of eating. In my research, I was fascinated to discover that there’s much more than just perceiving flavours when it comes to experiencing food. Your experience is much more intense when all senses are stimulated.

The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a new market for dinner boxes. Getting a gourmet treat at home is the latest trend. People are after a special experience – they want their senses to be aroused and surprised.

My concept is geared toward innovative ideas to improve the taste and atmosphere making up the new trend of home dining. The food & tea experience has been designed in collaboration with two-Michelin-star restaurant Treeswijkhoeve and tea brand Arte & Zayne. As part of the overarching mood experience, a traditional dinner box and home dining concept have also been developed. All in all, it’s a multi-sensory, total experience to be taken in at home.


Photography > Lisa Licht, Co-creation >Restaurant Treeswijkhoeve

Photography > Lisa Licht, Co-creation >Restaurant Treeswijkhoeve