Storytel Connects

An increasing number of older adults aged 70 and up feel isolated or lonely due to physical impairments. Some can’t leave the house by themselves, while others struggle with their vision, hearing or memory. This problem is only made worse by loved ones living increasingly far away and having little time. Older people may feel better when they hear the voice of someone they love. A phonecall might seem like an ideal solution, but these are often brief, with a rapid pace of conversation that makes it difficult for an older person to follow along. What’s more, their impairments often make it harder for them to read.

For Storytel – an app for reading and listening to books – I am introducing Storytel connects. Record yourself for your father, mother, grandpa or grandma aged 70 and up and give them the gift of your voice. It will help alleviate any feelings of loneliness, and allow them to enjoy a good story told by someone they love.