A great shift is currently taking place in society, one that is weakening the boundaries between young and old. Older people these days are trendier and younger than ever; at their age, health is more important to them than money. They are willing to experiment and want to get rid of their connotation with dullness and greyness. Younger people, on the other hand, grow up more quickly, and are more independent. They cannot start living healthy, sensible lives soon enough, and food plays an important role in this.

The healthy vingerfood products inspired on nostalgic recipes are given a new dimension through names like bangers and smash and coolslaw. There are three components in the food line: vingerfood crisp packets, vingerfood vegetable and fruit bowls and jars of dip, available both in trays and separately. The appearance of the packaging consists of paper and bio-degradable plastic, twine and chalk-like details, combined with modern, fitting prints.

The product line was created for the food department of value retail chain Hema, and will be available at all Hema stores and online starting summer 2015.

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