Styling> Anne van der Linden,  Photography> Janneke Tol 

Styling> Anne van der Linden,  Photography> Janneke Tol 

. A healthy and mindful lifestyle is becoming more important than ever. This is hindered by constant cell phone use and the desire to be available at all times. The number of burnouts is increasing, partly as a result of excessive cell phone use. Moreover, research has shown that cell phone radiation may have a deleterious effect on our health.

Layered Protection gives you the opportunity to really put away your mobile phone and relax.

Layered Protection can be used on a bedside table, dinner table or desk.

Layered Protection is meant for relaxation and moments of mindfulness such as meals or going to sleep. In 2015, when the available Wi-Fi hotspots will be frequently used, this product should be launched. By that time, people will be triggered even more to always be online on their cell phones.

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